Dissociative identity disorder /You are not alone/

An internal resistance always accompanies a process of decision-making that can be seen as a symptom of a split personality. This duality is not always strict. It can’t change the main characteristics or influence a way of life. To a certain point, a human can control this sensation. However, in the case of a dissociative identity disorder, a person may lose individuality, get fragmented and feel as several, independent personalities. When the alternate identity becomes dominant and episodic memory gradually recovers, the sense that you are not alone follows. The retrospection (sudden and unexpected return of memories) brings the fear of identification along with the personal “I”.


Life without aggression or aggressive being? The choice faced by any individual during his material existence.
The way from the divine beginning, stepping back into complete aggression is reality. Emanation is a religious philosophical term, meaning the transition from the divine beginning to the everyday reality, regression, the transformation of spirituality into a simpler given.
Aggression is a specifically oriented behavior aimed at eliminating the obstacles that create the physical and mental integrity of the organism. The causes of aggressive behavior can be found in innate instincts. This is a solid personal disposition, the instinct of death. Her motive is a pleasant emotional shift, which comes in the wake of aggressive behavior.
You always choose the road yourself. If you can resist the emanation, it will probably reach the state of perfect schastya. Divinity can be seen only in kindness. You can resist aggression with good, kindness fights against evil, only so you can transform evil.
Everyone is looking for the truth, but nobody knows where this truth is. You search for the truth and do not guess that it can be found only in yourself.