Every person wants to love and to be loved with strong, true and sincere love. Find your part ofloveat the exhibition where you can collect feelings.
Contemporary artist Zurab Arabidze fills his works with the most simple phrases. With the words, which we say to express our desire, love and warmth.
Works are untitled. On canvas one and the same phrase is being repeated with mantras principle. Visitor must read each word of every work from the beginning till the end. Energy charge, which mantra creates,  penetrates into different layers of persons unconsciousness and fills each cell with information. “I love you”, “come to me”, “I miss you”, “ I want to be with you” – repeated 100 or more, is some kind of meditation for visitors. Exhibition is interactive. Energies whichwillbe collectvia reading the phrases, emotions which will be gathered in your sub-consciousness, can be expressed and fascinated on special wall. With this every visitor can participate in the exposition. Exhibition is for everyone, who loves to hug, who considers that love is and always will be, for whom love breathes, for those who believe that love will come, if not today than tomorrow.
At the exhibition F63.9 modern artist Zurab Arabidze will represent his book “I love you”.
Books about love are located in the book-case. The initial idea about the illustration came from the author's observations about attitudes towards love. In majority of cases we hide love, and as time passes we don’t open up ,we don’t talk about love anymore. In order to deepen the feeling of love , in order to highlight the memories ,Zurab arabidze presents the book "I love you".
On the 404 page, on 202 paper ,love is explained 63 468 times. Book for everyone who can love. Give this to beloved person and ask them to read this book. Give it to your parents , children, friends and of course to your beloved.
The first page of this book is empty for you to express how much you love that person.