Invisible fear of loneliness

The Invisible fear of loneliness ( Quantum involvement) Statement On the surface of a sea, a white particle of a light, having no mass or size, strives for the perfection. Aspiring to infinity, where it should find it’s second half. With the speed of 300 km in an hour, it runs from the black surface and breaks through the space on a surface of a sea. The lonely Phiton moves even faster then a light, for the defeating of loneliness. In the project “The invisible fear of loneliness”, an author compares human aspiration for finding their second half to the Phitons chaotic movements. Mutual dependence of the light particles, during the quantum involvement can be perceived as an analogue to the ideal relation between a man and a woman. No matter how far the Phitons are from each other, despite the distance, they don’t loose the contact with each other. Phitons in quantum involvement are under a constant interaction. Auto-Phobism – the fear of loneliness. Perhaps, it would be strange if there do not exist any such a phoby. The fear of loneliness is a part of life. The fear of what will be in the future. The Loneliness in the present may not be so dramatic at all. The invisible fear appears, when you start to think about how long the loneliness will last. The particles of the light in the boundless sea. The space, were no ends are seen. In this case the sea is the universe, in which we live and in which’s infinity we strive not to be alone.